Leave the art alone

One of the nice things about trimming soft is you leave lots of nice art on the surface. I also pick up bits of the trimming and add it to the surface. Hey Dennis a kind of handle of sorts. More of a lug than a handle but still a point of interest. I love clay to look like clay not machined to death with a trimming tool. This is what trimming hard clay does. It is more like turning wood than this wonderful soft plastic material we have chosen to work with. Ok, so these pots are not for everyone! That's OK I don't have that many pots left in these hands. Can ya tell I liked making them?


Vicki Hamilton said…
Love the cups Tony. They are everything I would expect from your hands and more. Even though they are at their most beautiful at this stage of the game, I'd love to see them after they've been fired!
imagine said…
It seems almost a shame to glaze them, they look so lovely and fresh.
I think I would enjoy my morning coffee out of one
of those.

I know I shouldn't say such things as pots like that are meant to sit on a shelf with the word "Tea Bowl" above them, which would then make them unaffordable so how could I ever get to enjoy one?
Julia said…
Spontaneous and interesting surfaces!
Lyne said…
Hey Tony, of all the things you taught me, that's probably the best one - leave it alone! OK that and handles.

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