Choose your weapons

I prefer the Dolan tools for trimming since I trim cheese soft clay. In my arsenal I also carry two handmade Bison tools made by Phil Poburka. I use these tools if my clay gets past the soft stage that I like to trim. I love Phil, I love the aesthetic of the tools and I love the feel of them in my hand. Not for soft clay though!
Whenever I accompany my students to NCECA I tell them to treat themselves to a Bison trimming tool. One should own one. They always gripe and complain about spending $58 on a trimming tool. I always counter with "How much would a carpenter spend on a good hammer?"" If you were a backhoe operator would you not want a good Kubota or John Deere that would start each morning and do the job?" Please why are so many potters penny wise and pound foolish.


If I made as much money as a carpenter or an excavator I wouldn't think twice about spending $58 dollars on a tool!
I do love, and own many, Dolan tools. I also think they are priced right.
Vicki Hamilton said…
In 2006 at NCECA in Portland, I splurged and bought 8 (yup) Bison tools from Phil. He danced inside his booth there! I've never regretted that purchase. For trimming stiff clay (porcelain) they are THE BEST. I've even trimmed softer clay....carefully. Other than that, Dolan is best!
Sandy Miller said…
I LOVE my two Bison trimming tools. Bought them years ago and probably could use a good sharpening by Phil but don't want to give them up for the few weeks they would be gone. Trimming cheese hard porcelain these days and doing quite a bit of carving. Oh and was warned if they got dropped they would shatter, and they do but after many years they have held up extremely well if treated with care. Same goes for potters and photography.

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