Farting in the bath tub

I know this is something you have never done or dreamed of. One of the gems of information gained from my higher education at USU was John Neely's description of a form that looked like a fart in the bath tub. A balloon form that was filled with air from a smaller orifice. That indeed is my favourite form. I made some jars today with a narrow bottom that will be trimmed even narrower. I attached a slug of clay like Issac Button did in his 60's film. I then went up the one side of the board of jars and formed a handle and then down the other side of the board to do the other handles. Issac did hundreds and I did 8. If I had a corn cob pipe and wore a neck tie I think I could get into his zone. I always wanted to be Issac Button but the artist in me had me fail miserably.


Vicki Hamilton said…
I loved that video of Isaac Button! The necktie was the clincher. Your fitb jars are splendid. Here's to the artist in you!
rick said…
here us a tad of button:


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