Big Bellies

The hardest form to put a handle on is a big belly. You have to spring the handle out over the big belly. I don't like handles that stick out too far. I once saw these lovely little English sauce boats with a cap over the front of the gallery. I wasn't sure if it was an aesthetic decision or to keep the lid from falling out.  This gave me an idea to put the cap at the back of my gallery which would give me some purchase to spring the handle.  I made 5 Texan size teapots and gave it a try.
Thinking ahead to wood firing I thought the cap would be a nice feature to face towards the flame. The cap would protect the lid from getting stuck in the gallery with ash. Even when I have wadded the lid the wads can get coated with ash and leave nasty plucks in the clay. It feels good to be back in my comfort zone. I can't wait for the wood kiln.


Dennis Allen said…
I've been trying to get a handle on my big belly for years.Like you say, it's tough.
imagine said…
Those teapots remind me so much of Mick Casson.
Not in design, but in their bold strength and vitality.
They look big and dynamic, as if they have been thought through and well designed.
Really nice pots.
Michael Giles said…
Dennis Allen, I use my big belly more as an arm rest than a handle. Tony, great teapots, and love the mark making. Even when things seem random on your pots, they are very intentional.

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