Wood I????

Wood I? You bet I would! After 35 years of wood firing if I learned anything at all it is look after your wood supply. I always made a point of having my wood prepared, split and stacked long before I even thought about making pots. Actually wood prep helps you to start thinking about the pots without rushing in. Our plans are to build our woodie this April and so a source of good dry wood was found and waiting for surgery from Mr. Stihl. It's a good mix of dry hard wood so we'll have the  Btu's to paint the pots with some white heat.
My first wood kiln was named Cassius Clay cause he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The sting usually was the result of Tony not having the wood dry and ready. From that kiln I learned that if I didn't want to wake up in the morning with sore muscles and having drooled on my pillow from shear exhaustion then I better attend to CC's diet.


Cambria Pottery said…
That is an awesome pile of wood. Hope you are going to document your kiln building.

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