My Sincere Apologies

Mr. Button I have been thinking of you all day. I started out to make these dinner plates and I looked them and started adding all these handles. I’m sorry, I truly am sorry for adding all this additional unnecessary truck and silly nonsense. The truth is Mr. Button there is no need for anything I make. No, my neighbours don’t need chicken feeders, milk pans or porridge bowls. They don’t need  my dinner plates either.  They can buy a dinner plate for less than I can buy the clay to make one. So forgive me but I have to make them extra special. Not that yours weren’t special! I would love to own one of your 28 lb lead glazed cider jars expertly thrown in 3 minutes.  I would sleep with that jar tonight.  It would bring tears to my eyes.
Sorry if I let you down today, Mr. Button. I was never able to live up to your standards. Once I threw 100 5lb pie plates and another day 247 mugs. This almost crippled me. Your throwing of a ton a clay a day is a bridge too far for me. 
Hell, I even sign them with a chop mark and put an undercut in the foot ring so that they can be hung on a nail in the wall.  I am so sorry for this uncontrollable ego of mine!

Yours respectfully,


Sandy Miller said…
I watched all 4 videos and can't get the guy out of my mind. Then I watched them again yesterday over morning coffee......... I threw my pitiful table full yesterday and I am so ashamed....... and whiney. do ya think Mr Button every had a whiney day? Buck Up Ceramic Artist Clennell, Potter Button would like you plates. cheers!
Unknown said…
I suspect that given the facilities and the need you could do Mr. Button justice, but things have changed and we're making a whole different kind of ware now. There's just no need for us to handmake that much ware. I go through about 6b tons a year..I can't imagine a ton a day.

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