Random Acts of Kindness

Today to my surprise there was an unexpected gift in the mail to me. I am doing a workshop at the Spruill Art Centre in Atlanta, Georgia in March and the people there sent me this very nice hand made copper hammered key chain with a note saying they are looking forward to my visit. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do and say! I've always maintained that it is the things you do when you don't have to that make all the difference. I've already made dates with friends in Atlanta for southern BBQ, bourbon and blues. I can't wait and this little gesture made me all the more anxious to spend some time with my southern friends.


rick said…
good example of the still present "southern way" if you know who to find it with. pretty good place down here and i hope may choose to come and check it out. plenty of charm left even though there has been an invasion. ;-)

btw where are some good places to go wild man? you might be my scout. heh heh

be well tony, look forward to your visiting the spruill in march.

rick agel

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