Hands on Workshop

We offered this workshop on March 23/24 and it filled up in two days. We are limiting the number of participants to 10 for a great teaching/learning opportunity. The course is intended for people with intermediate to advanced throwing skills.
April 6 th and April 7th

This hands on weekend workshop with Tony Clennell will focus on larger than life utilitarian pottery for occasional use. We will pay attention to the details on large casseroles, pitchers, bowls and plates so they may be used for celebration and presentation.
My specialty over the years has been sectional or composite throwing where I add many pieces together to make one vessel. Participants that normally cannot throw more than a few pounds of clay often throw with ease 3- 5 times as much after the session.
Recent work has been an exploration of textures using roulettes, stamps and many found objects. The maker’s marks and details of process are what I am interested in leaving in the finished work.
This workshop will be limited to 10 people.  I suggest each person bring 3 boxes of their clay.  We can supply Cone 10 stoneware if needed.
Price $150 plus tax
·         *Lunch Package available at Green Frog Tearoom, Pinecroft


Vicki Hamilton said…
Do it! Do this workshop if at all possible. If it's not possible, make it possible. You won't be sorry. I'm tellin' ya.
smokieclennell said…
thanx Vicki. It is always a pleasure to teach those that are what I call a wink and a nod. You are one of those!

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