Confessions of a Modernist

Dear Mr. Button: I only told you half the story yesterday. I also made some vase/bottle forms. I'm normally a very practical man and have chosen over the past 30 odd years to turn all my vases into jugs that can be used for juice, milk, sangria, flowers or just to be looked at. Most are of a size that makes them not very functional at all.  The beauty of the jug is that is a wonderful flower vase. I don't recall your jugs Mr. Button. I'm sure the rural community around you had a need for them.
Then if it weren't a big enough sin to make flower vases I made them in two pieces. Making these small 15" vases in two pieces surely must bring tears of laughter to your eyes. Now here is the real knee slapper. I only made 7 of them! This would probably be no more than 15 minutes work for you Mr. Button.

Here is a pic of a jug I fired in our wood fired kiln. I haven't shown any finished work for sometime as I am making in anticipation of our new wood kiln in the spring.


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