The Price Is Right!

Young Bobby Free- see his blog on my sideline emailed to ask what I thought about a recent comment on his blog and his answer?
Here are a couple of Jeff Oestreich cups in my cupboard. The one on the left 25 years old purchase price $20 and the one on the right 5 years old and purchase price $55. l still like the old one best but I bet I can't get $55 for it. It's chipped, it's used, it's not his style no mo'!
Here's my answer to Bobby.
Bobby: When people question my prices I always answer " Do you think my prices are fair?" If they answer "no" we have nothing to talk about. If they answer "yes" then we're on the same page.
Anyone that buys ceramics thinking it is going to appreciate in value is nuts. It will probably sell cheaply one day in a yard sale. You buy it because you like it, want it and that's about it.
A few of the pieces I have bought over the years have appreciated but most I think will be sold one day to an estate auction when my kids don't know what to do with all the shit their old man has collected. In the meantime I just enjoy almost every single thing.
If you're selling Bobby it is priced right. If ya ain't then you got to make a deal with the person that likes your work but not your price.
Be well!
PS Both Sheila and I like what you are doing.


Unknown said…
Agreed. good advice, and nice pots Bobby.

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