Wedgies and a Butt Crack

Since I'm back with my stoneware I revisited my old style cup. Once during a workshop in Lansing, Michigan a friend Kelly Savino dubbed these cups-  a wedgie with a butt crack. It took me all afternoon and a couple of hours after dinner to trim and handle these cups. I've taken to filling in the crotch of the handle which is yet another step. I put the handles on, went in for supper and then came out and filled in the crotch. The little wedgie helps me to get atmosphere under the foot ring but I tell customers it is so the water drains out of the foot in the dishwasher. They like that!
Last year for Christmas I gave my second year throwing class at Sheridan College a button.


Dan Finnegan said…
Hi Tony, I just returned from teaching a workshop in Lansing. The folks there think a great deal of you and your wife! They were a great group of folks.
emmaes said…
I still have my button and wear it proudly (:

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