Lollipop and Sparky

Just setting up my house for the summer season at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts. Dug out some pots I bought that I had packed away and almost forgotten. These are great plates by Mary?????? of Maryland. Please help me remember. She had the nicest anagama with a built on kitchen facility and a studio with a ancient dumb waiter. It was the most beautiful field stone house, studio, fence I have ever seen in my life and i can't remember her name. Lovely woman and fabulous work.
Here is one of her little vases with a flower from my front garden. The print of Lollipop and Sparky is from The Hatch Print Shop in Nashville, TN. I wonder if this poster would be PC today. I do love it!


Dan Finnegan said…
Is it Mary Bowran? I never met her but I've heard of her legendary kiln!
Ann Kenworthy said…
Yes, those are Mary Bowron's plates. Beautiful!
Norwob said…
Yes, these are the work of Mary Bowron. Mary recently passed away. It is a pleasure to read your comments. I am her daughter, Ellen.

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