Be a prick!

A friend told me my pockets are too empty to be so generous with my time and giving. I promised I would be a prick starting in 2015. Another friend said why don't you just say you want to be a prick in 2015 because if you say you are going to be a prick in 2015 you will  break your New Year's resolution in the first minute, hour or day of 2015. I know some of you are saying he was a prick the day I met him.
I have tried to live my life as a potter as generously as I could. Once asked by a banker if I had a business plan I answered " I plan to stay in business!" That wasn't the right answer as I didn't get the car loan.
So in 2015 I'm going to take the advice of my old boxing coach Sgt. Stan Baukwill- keep your head down and your eye on the prize. Being short and stocky without much reach my plan was to work the body and when they tired I would land a hard right on the prize. I've been workin' the body and 2015 looks like a prize.  All the best of blood, sweat and tears to all of my friends out there in the mudpits. May the year
2015 be the best of years to y'all!
Tony the Wannabe Prick


Dennis Allen said…
Maybe it is because potters live so close to the edge themselves that many of them are the most generous people I have ever met.Many times I have seen potters who barely have two nickels to rub together give one of them to help someone who has had a fire, a health problem, or a bad show.It also seems to be a field where "trade secrets" means to swap them with each other.

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