Work Ethic

Emma Smith- Ceramics
Support good work and good hard workers. I am very proud of my former student Emma Smith and her man Jesse.  These two have that rare

character trait that it takes to be self employed in any business and most especially the arts- work ethic. Emma has wood fired 14 times this year and her new shop The Jerseyville General Store is the perfect backdrop for this well made and quiet wood fired porcelain.  Treat yourself this weekend to meeting a fine young couple and take home a nice piece of Emma’s work. I use her bowl every morning for my grog.

Holiday Sale
Sat/Sun December 6 + 7
10am - 4pm
2633 Jerseyville Rd W, Ancaster ON
If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind, handmade gift for your
special someone (or your partner's boss?) look no further. Join
us for wine, snacks and beautiful handmade pottery. Check
out the work space and pick up some quality handmade gifts
for those on your shopping list. The nice country drive doesn't
hurt either!
289 - 828 - 1707


Vicki Hamilton said…
This work ethic does pay off, sooner or later. Good fortune to you, Emma and Jesse, this weekend. It is a make-or-break weekend for many of us. T, thanks for being their friend. It's a big deal.

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