Gargling Pesticide

Did you know if you use mouthwash in the morning you are actually gargling a pesticide? Do you have mercury fillings like I do? Do you drink a wee glass of wine at night
from grapes that are sprayed with insecticides and pesticides every time it rains? Can you pronounce half the ingredients on the food you buy from the local supermarket?
Aren't we lucky to have people that want to protect us from ourselves? Aren't we lucky to have people that know what is good for us?
Here is a pic of a couple of teapots of mine glazed in a pink shino glaze. A few posts ago I mentioned how a gallery that I deal with had been informed by "anonymous" they should not sell my pots because of the zirconium encapulated cadmium stain that I use in my pink glaze. I felt like I had been convicted without even having a trial. BTW no one is anonymous in this small world of pots.
 In Canada we have among the highest standards for lead and cadmium leaching in the world. Health Canada suggests a maximum of .50 mg/l . My pink shino came in at 0.01 mg/l.
So not to hold a grudge and show how nice a guy I am here's hoping that "anonymous" gets a entire case of mouthwash from Santa this Christmas. Wash your mouth liberally!
I do believe in safe practices and do understand the need for standards especially at the Guild level where there is an abundance of amateur potters. If you have a glaze that uses one of the banned stains of our region get the glaze tested and then you too can stand tall behind your product.
BSC Labs,
204 Line Rd.,
Kennett Square, PA 19348
The cost was $18 US, some postage and a cup.
Glad I got the glaze tested and got that bloody anvil off my chest. Thank God for the Dali Lama, Charlie Brown, Popeye and those of reason.
Aylmer, Ontario where pink is the new blue.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Thank you T! There are legitimate things (food, drink, glazes, stains, etc.) to stay away from, and then there are the scare mongers who won't even say who they are. How are we supposed to deal with people and situations like that? I'm with you!
Annied01 said…
pottery ppl just throwing arrows in the dark, fed by petty jealousy perhaps but fueled by an environment where everyone calls everyone out for whatever the perceived infraction to the pottery-police-code is at that particular moment in time... pottery police and they should all wear capes so we can see them coming... they sometimes astound me when they declare things... but then what do I know... I use a lot of bad stuff carefully in my studio but i chose not to go speckled with my clay for fear of too much manganese... hang in there, the stain in the shino was perfectly brilliant way to get that pink every time... they're just mad they didn't think of it first!!
pfunk said…
Thanks a bunch for the contact info. Will be sending in some pots to get tested.

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