On a good day

In my last post I listed a group of potters that are going to be in the show in Rochester I am planning to be part of next October. It is a formidable list of some of the countries best. I should be scared shitless.  I got this note from Robin "Grass" Hopper- "Don't worry about the competition, No-one there that you can't easily match on a good day."
The key to what Grass said is " on a good day". I had a bit of a rocky 2014 but the last few months have seen almost exclusively good days.  My pots almost always reflect my state of mind. Sometimes happy and animated and sometimes on guard and get too close and I'll open up your lip. My friend and former student Andrew Kellner was here to stay over and he said "You're always reinventing yourself!"
I'm feeling really excited about the New Year with lots of travel and making opportunities. I don't know how this ragged ole heart has been so dang lucky.


GRASS said…
Actually you could delete the "on a good Day" Doctor T. MLSD.
Unknown said…
You make great looking pots and I Can't wait to see your pots for real at Aberystwyth International Ceamics Festival this coming year.2015! I hope it's warm and sunny for your visit to England, it's blxxxy cold right now!!

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