Over my head

I may very well be in over my head in 2015. I just got an invite and I  accepted to show in Rochester, NY in a show in October with many of my American favourites.  Oopps make that favorites for my US friends.
Here is the line up YIKES!:
Matthew Metz, Alfred, NY
Richard Aerni, Rochester, NY
Peter Beasecker, Syracuse, NY
Forest Lesch Middleton, CA
Dan Finnigan, VA
Mark Shapiro, MA
Kristen Kieffer, MA
Julie Crosby, Trumansburg, NY
Mary Barringer, MA
Liz Quackenbush, State College, PA
John Gill, Alfred, NY
Bob Briscoe, MN
Doug Peltzman, NY
Jenny Mendes, Cleveland, OH
Bryan Hopkins, Buffalo, NY
Jane Shellenbarger, Rochester, NY
Thanks to my buddy Dick Aerni The King of Ash Glazes for putting me in the line up. Dick and I have fought some of the same battles and share a kinship though we have only met a couple of times in real life. This show is about good potters taking charge of the marketing process. It's about taking the high road and not battling it out in a marketplace that celebrates who sells the best.  I will be humbled indeed.  There will be workshops, lectures and best of all food and drink with potters, collectors and lovers of good pots. 
  This reminds me of almost 35 years ago when I wandered into the The Potter's Shop on Avenue Road in Toronto. I wanted so badly to one day be one of them. This show makes me want to step up my game and be one of them. No resting on yesterdays laurels. No knicky knacks!  That is a great feeling at this stage of the game. 
Shit, I hope I come home with some money. I'd like to own a piece by everyone in the line up. 


Dan Finnegan said…
Tony! How cool is that! I hadn't seen the list before...now I'm REALLY chuffed at the invite!
Dennis Allen said…
Better get a big can of "Midnight Oil" You'll be burning a lot of it.
Dan Finnegan said…
Hey Tony, Is that you misspelling my name or is that straight from the show? I hope that we can meet this summer in Britain. I'm sorry that we didn't find a project this year, but I'm still looking forward to more adventures with you! All the best, Dan
Nancy Blokland said…
Tell me more about the show...name , etc. This humble Winnipeg, Manitoba potter would like to go and just be gob smacked by being among all that talent for a workshop. Please do tell!
Jen B said…
Wow, this is going to be potting ecstasy.. What a wonderful line up. Please let us know more details when they are available.

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