I used to swap emails with the Queen of Carbon Trap- Malcolm Davis. We traded theories on how to trap carbon. I was always of the belief you glaze and get the pots in the kiln ASAP, spark the pilots and let it rock and roll. I'm now sharing a kiln and had to wait in que for my turn to fire so the pots had to sit and wait till the kiln was available. It is a good sized kiln so I needed a head start on the glazing and decorating so they have been glazed for two days now. I covered them in plastic in the hopes the soda ash wouldn't evaporate into La-la land. Andrew got home from China and came for a visit and told me of Dick Lehman's theory of letting the pots sit for 2 weeks. I had some nice chicken pox on the pots from the soda ash migrating to the surface. Pilots are going and burners in the morning. I totally missed Santa's sleigh for Christmas 2014 but I got a whole new plan for 2015. Sorry Santa if you leave money for people maybe I'll have some gooduns' I can ship. I have a bottle of Maker's Mark bourbon
I'll leave out for you and some cookies that have this strange effect on people.


Unknown said…
Tony: interesting post regarding soda ash....
what do you mean by soda ash evaporating or migrating to the surface...?
thx, dave

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