You're so vain you thought this post was about you. I kept referring to the idea that I wanted a rick for cutting wood. This seemed like a foreign expression in these parts and one that I learned decades ago when firing with Linda Christianson. It turns out a "rick" is a cord of wood. This must be a US expression. Anyways I had complained of the battle royale with the walnut so Chad got busy built a rick and has a couple of ricks of ash and pine to supplement the walnut. The kiln will rock and roll this time around. My mentorship group has elected for a late February early March wood firing. Ya can't beat the Canucks for being macho. Hey, I'm not cold enough I have to stay up all night and freeze my arse off. I hope my sexy whiskey voice doesn't change to much higher pitch.


Dennis Allen said…
2 ricks to a cord. What you have there looks like a rack for a rick.
Laurine said…
Yup, a rick is a rack. As in a hay rick, a corn rick. Guess you had to be on the right farm, USian or Canadian, to know the term.
smartcat said…
I always was told that a rick was the face measurement of the cord 2 ft. deep. In other words what Dennis said. The thing you cut the wood in is a cradle......but that's New England terminology~

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