Man Cave Art

When I was at Ronnie the Rats house in January I was admiring all of his old Marilyn Munroe calendars. Knowing I was going home to the company of my yellow leather chair Ronnie gave me a 1987 Stihl calendar. The beauty part of this is the dates are exact for 2015. Dang, I wouldn't have bought a Husquavarna if I knew Stihl gave out cave man art!.
When I bought this house the upstairs had all kinds of God stuff around but downstairs were the girly calendars and the signs like "Beer drinkers make better lovers". I wish they had have left the downstairs in tack but the nephews saw the calendars and off they went.
 I love my little house and the space is starting to really feel like home. It is becoming a home and not a house. There is a HUGE difference in the two. All potters are welcome here!


Dennis Allen said…
So that's what all those shows mean when they say " Fine Art".
Laurine said…
Such excellent calendar art to inspire you. I just don't understand why her hair isn't blowing back from the offscreen fan.

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