Circumcision Preferred

I have come to the conclusion that most people prefer circumcision. When I don't circumcise my teapot spouts they don't sell. I'm not sure whether they just don't quite looked finished or that we tea drinkers are used to seeing a cleanly cut spout. The spout has to be firm before you make the cut- ouch!
I tried working upside down like Bruce and Cathi seem to do a lot of. The oldest trick in the book during a crit is to turn someone's pot upside down. It is usually amazing how much better it looks. So why not throw the form upside down?
 I threw an enclosed form so that the top was to be

the bottom. I then threw a foot ring and added it to the top. I then flipped it over in a chuck and threw the gallery on the bottom now the top.
This is a helluva lot of work to make a bulbous teapot. I can really do this form better right side up. I was anxious to try it though. I trimmed my brains out and the pots still seem to be super heavy.


smartcat said…
Great! Something else to try. Clay never gets old!

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