Here is a pic of the final crit of greenware from Bruce Cochrane's course here at Pinecroft. That my friend Janet from Vancouver who I watched score right here in Aylmer. I think she was as new to scoring as she was to a final critique of the work. Bruce is a masterful maker and gives a very insightful critique. He is kind and yet points out areas for improvement.
40 years of teaching and making makes what he does look like second nature.
Janet scored as did I. I really loved this bottle form of Bruce's and had decided I needed to pay my MasterCard down more than I needed this vase. Lucky me Bruce gave it to me as a gift. It will look absolutely fabulous with the lilacs that are now in full bloom here at The Cactus Lounge. It was wood fired and then sand blasted. Thanks Bruce, I love it  and will treasure it as a token of our long friendship. I am the richest man in the room!


Unknown said…
Woodfired then sandblasted. ...hmmmmm
Holly G said…
stunning pot. great compliment.

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