Usually a romantic guy buys the woman flowers and  a nice bottle of wine. They tell me gin is the ultimate in the candy is dandy but liquor is quicker dept. This past week I will have had 4 women staying here at The Cactus Lounge. They bring me groceries, flowers and gin. We’re having a gin tasting this week so we have gin from the far north of Canada, from Vancouver Island, from Nova Scotia and from Florida.
Cathi Jefferson from Vancouver Island is here conducting her workshop at Pinecroft and from the looks of it the women are really engaged and lots of pots have been made already. I popped in for a minute and already learned how to pull those dog bone style handles. Beats all the trouble of back filling the handle later.
My daughter Robin was on the Governor General’s Leadership Team and a piece of advice she gave me was this – Hire the best people you can and then stay the hell out of their way. I have picked the best potters and teachers that I know to conduct this month’s workshops. My plan has been to get them started and go home to work.

Back when I was in Teacher’s College the associate stayed in the room with you when you were teaching. When you hire pro’s you let them work their magic. Mojo is happening!


cookingwithgas said…
Oh, I do like a gin and tonic.
Togeika said…
Gin and tonic, my low-carb nitecap.

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