Why you need a professional

Here is a picture of a thrown and altered oval box made by Janet Z of Vancouver during a week long workshop with Bruce Cochrane.  Nice form and nicely crafted. Janet is like many of you that have professional careers or maybe families and have fallen in love with clay. It is something she gets to do once a week or maybe during a weekend. The difference between Janet and many is she sees the value of professional workshops as a way of improving. U-tube ain't gonna do it and the social club at the guild although a great start will only take you so far. Our workshops here at Pinecroft start with clay talk at breakfast and end the day with clay talk. This is usually a 12-16 hour day.
As a workshop presenter myself I see the need for intensive, focused workshops with the best instructors, I can find. It is of great pleasure for me to see students like Janet progress soooooo much in a week. This box is at a professional level. Janet is taking a 7 month sabbatical from her job to study clay.  I have recommended a month at Medalta for her next step. I will do anything I can to help someone that is serious about reaching the next rung in the tall clay ladder.


Cyndi said…
Great box JANET! Thanks Tony for nudging her.

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