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The past 3 weeks I have had three incredible makers staying here at The Cactus Lounge and working/teaching at Pinecroft. I love all their work and am envious of their attention to detail. It is hard to fight off the urge to make work like theirs. I haven't been able to get much of my own work done and have actually started dreaming of this Saturday night with Randy Bachman Vinyl Tap, Holger Petersen's Saturday Night Blues and Jim Corcoran's A Propo. Their music will be the perfect background for my day and night of making. I ain't going grocery shopping. I ain't doing the laundry. I ain't mowing the lawn. I ain't doing nuthin' but listen to music and make my pots.  I've tried a bunch of things in the past year.  I've decided I like my thick slip work the best. It certainly ain't much like my 3 guests work but it's me and I'm enjoying making it. What is new to me is the layering of multiple layers of dry glaze over the base carbon trap shino glaze. This creates a deep surface with multiple slips, thick slip and then multiple layers of dry glaze. When you know your materials you can start making surfaces like a chef would make a great stew.
I'll show pics from Dick Aerni's class tomorrow. He is a glaze chef and there promises to be some really sweet and tasty glazes.

glaze surfaces.


Dennis Allen said…
To thine own self be true.PS That mug is still taking my breath away. Makes it hard to swallow the coffee.
Unknown said…
looking forward to some pics of the finished pots with all the multiple layers, sounds great!

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