Getting Loaded

We have a fresh crew here for a wood firing. We actually managed to get 7 people's work glazed, wadded and loaded into the wood kin on the first day. That is an amazing feat for several hundred pots and 3 or 4 times that many wads. It is a beautiful sunny day and the first day with the bourry (boring) box is rather uneventful. I came home to get my fly fishing rod so that I can amuse myself while the crew does their thing. The is a nice place first thing in the morning before the people start arriving at The Green Frog Tearoom and walking across the dam to the pottery. Let the crew answer all the questions. I've gone fishing!


Dennis Allen said…
Fishing is good while the kiln gets hot enough to bake them.Kind of like an old friend of mine who used to put the water on to boil before we went out to pick corn for dinner.
smartcat said…
Wow! What a great fishing spot!
It's good to be occupied while waiting!

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