Givers and takers

 In my world there are two kinds of people- givers and takers. The boyzzzz are set to arrive in Canada from Korea. The boyzzz being the 5 Korean Master Potters and their lovely wives. It was just a year ago that 13 of us experienced the unbelievable "giving" of these fine people. Plans were set in motion to return their hospitality when Chris Snedden put the wheels in motion for the Fusion Conference this coming weekend in Toronto.  From my far away vantage point I have been on a small sub committee Chris set up of people in his hood. I will publicly take a bow to Chris Snedden, Unha Hill, Judy Sparkes and Donn Zver who have given enormous amounts of time, money and energy to this project. You have no idea what they have done to make this conference of over 250 potters happen. You are all BIG TIME GIVERS!
Chris has helped make over 1200 pots for demo purposes. That was the easy part. He has been arranging all kinds of administrative stuff that would kill a lesser being.
Unha the pesky mosquito always there to do whatever it takes. She repays friendship with more friendship.
Sparker- (never hire a Electrician with the name Sparks) is providing her cottage to show the Koreans Canadian life for 3 days- tubing,  canoeing, campfires, bacon and eggs,  and the significance of "eh".
Donn has given them his lovely house for 2 weeks, arranged welcoming and farewell dinners in his restaurant and has stepped up like he was the guy that started the Ontario Potters Assoc some 40 years ago.
Big things happen because of giving people. Don't miss this conference or at the very least go to Donn's and see their work. Go to the Gardiner on Friday night for their show opening. There are a few spots left for their farewell dinner. Do that! Somehow see how giving gets!
My buddy Doc Agel who went to Korea with us is flying in from Atlanta for the farewell dinner. Yep ya got to be a friend to have friends. This is the display at Donn Zver Pottery of the Koreans work. It's for sale. Don't walk, run!!! 


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