America's Best Kept Secret

I left the Koreans behind and headed for Peter's Valley, NJ to fire off the noborigama with 11 keeners.
We have the kiln loaded and it is firing. We plan to have the kiln off by around 6pm Sunday and open it on Tuesday morning. Bruce Dehnert is a magician at

firing and cooling kilns. To offer 5 day courses he has to pull rabbits out of his hat. Bruce is one of my favourite potters. His work blows my mind. Here is a ewer in a show in the gallery at PV. This wood fired  porcelain ewer with multiple glazes and slips is a steal at $300 US. I still think Bruce is one of America's best vessel makers.  How am I supposed to make any money when I am so tempted by these great pots.


stp said…
ya gotta come back to the Cactus Lounge with that stunning pc!

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