Korean Canadian Exchange

Friday after a visit to The Royal Ontario Museum to see the Korean collection we took the Koreans to a pub for typical pub lunch of wings, pizza, deep fried shrimp and calamari and jugs of good Creemore lager.
The conference is in full swing and there are 260 happy potters.  There are attendees here from as far as California, NJ , North Carolina and New Brunswick. We started the morning with an official Korean tea ceremony orchestrated by the lovely wives of the the masters. Frank Tucker was one of the honoured guests of the ceremony and we were all worried he wouldn't be able to stand afterwards. Hey don't tell Frank -there would be pay back.
There was a huge supper last night at a Korean restaurant. There had to be several seatings to get all in there.
Off to the last day of the conference. Fusion has done an amazing job of organizing the event. A big bow of admiration to Chris Snedden for really taking the bull by the horns on this one.


Alison Brannen said…
Such a great weekend - thank you Fusion! I learned so much and made new friends. Was able to connect my student Cyrus to possible apprentice opportunities and OMG I bought Sung- Tae Kim's beautiful carved plate at the auction! Can't believe I got it! Just looked to see what it was $$ going for and signed my name! What a deal! After it is fired I will put it on displaying a beautiful glass cabinet at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts in Toronto for students and their parents and teachers to see!
Anonymous said…
Don't worry, I won't tell Frank! :>)

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