My Worst Enemy

I'm my own worst enemy. Whenever I get a line that is successful I move on to something else. Whenever a group advises me they like this better than that I don't do it. I do something else. I am a poor example to follow on the road to financial success. I threw another group of 8 plates to cut and handle. When I started cutting I thought oh maybe I'll leave one end round. I was thinking of some hand built scoops that a potter friend Heather Smit makes that I really like. Then  I looked at this pile of cut offs and thought hmmmmmm they would make a nice rim. Then I once again dinked around with handle placement. I can't think of anything more boring than to have an entire set of matching dishes. If I can't talk a customer out of an entire set of my dishes then I tell them I will only make the set if I can make them all different. How's that for turning away business? I enjoy changing it up. The nicest set I ever made was for a former student that wanted a place setting of 12 with everything including the cups different. I enjoyed making that set of dishes and it showed.


Annied01 said…
Is that a casserole dish in the back?!
carter gillies said…
Tony, You may be your financial planner's worst enemy, but that dude was never meant to be your friend :) said…
Anne: Yes they are casseroles. See the blog post previous. T
I like them all, two handled, one handled, all squared or half round rimmed. Beautiful work.

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