The Invisible Man

After a 6 week marathon I'm getting my life back slowly. All the things that are important to me I now have some time for. Morning email, coffee, run in White's Woods, eating healthier food,  my pots and now I'm back fixing up the rabbit warren inside and out. There is also some time left at the end of the day to read and I'm drawing again.  All these things are important to the balance of life. In the past year I've been away far too much breathing out and not taking the time to  breathe in .
I'm currently reading a book on my least of all favourite clays- porcelain. I'm reading The White Road by Eddie de Waal. I like calling Edmund -Eddie. It suits my pool hall sense of humour. I should have stuck with Anthony. It has such pompous arrogance to it I might get higher prices for my pots.
This one statement  in the book has stuck with me all day- "Why stand out when you can disappear?"
Down in the studio today I made 4 rolls with a low rider style lid. I don't like lids that stick way up in the air. Who makes their mac and cheese to pile up like a mountain in the middle of the casserole? So when I was thinking about Eddie's statement I thought gee why not put 6 different handle placements on these 6 thrown and cut plates I just made. What if I like one placement better than the others? I do like one better than the others BTW. Is this how you arrive at being different by sketching with clay? I was a production studio potter for so long it would be easy for me to slip back into making 100 similar objects. Don't want to!!!
I sat at a dinner recently with a potter who said _Tony Clennell the guy that makes pots nobody buys! Ha he's The Invisible Man not me.

RIP Mohammed Ali- You were the greatest athlete of my time. To quote him " The man who has no imagination has no wings."


Dennis Allen said…
In case you're taking a poll, I like the center right plate with the two diagonally opposed handles.If you are taking a pole, bring bait.
Michael Giles said…
3 years and a bit later. This just popped up on Pintrest (my favourite online time-sucker, btw). I like the top right. I know, it’s the safe bet, but that’s the kind of day it is today. Cool, misty outside. Safe, warm inside my studio..
gz said…
This just followed on your latest post as a suggested post!
Six years later!!
Love the contrast between the form and the wee lugs.

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Anonymous said…
I love these square plates. So practical and beautiful design!
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