Dan Goes Under the Knife

One of my favourite little teapots to use is one by Danny Boy Finnegan. Dan's teapot is in the Cardew, Finch, Winchcombe tradition with that unmistakable handle on the front for ease of pouring.
Mine is a little bit bigger than Dan's but he too is circumcised and he doesn't drip and neither do I.  I made 5 little teapots today and after I get through with doing this bloody bookkeeping for the tax collector I am going to go down to the studio and take a knife to the protruding part. The teapots are the same but different. Dan's has a different lid seating and flanged lid and that handle on the front. Mine has a drop in lid and a handle on the side. Now that I think about it placing the handle low and to the left would be appropriate. The standard answer to the question "What side do you dress on?" when getting measured for pants has always been "Low and to the left.
The surgeons knife beckons me. Anything but anything to keep me away from that damn accounting.


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