Neglecting the ones you love

I've had 7 weeks of visitors, workshops and breathing out. I poured myself a gin and sat down on the couch and faced my buddy Jack. I thought holy shit I don't come home to a beauty wrapped in Saran Wrap or a leopard skin camisole. I come home to my buddy Jack and I have been too busy attending to all kinds of things rather than him.  He loves me and I love him. So I went out to the beer store and bought him his favourite IPA - Headstock from Burlington Craft Breweries. Last time Jack and I talked was about different colours of paint for all the doors in my house. I had been told for saleability I should paint everything white or beige. Shit, I'm an artist I don't want a hospital ward. I want a home that reflects me. So I'm going to have a red, yellow, turquoise, blue and black door.
I was also told I lead a disjointed life- here, there and everywhere. What ever makes a person thing that? I'm home for almost 3 weeks to get pots ready for a show at Tom and Betsy Wirts in Minnesota, a firing with my buddy Donovan Palmquist also in Minnesota and then a show and workshop in The Hamptons in August. Many years ago as a student we had the legendary Harry Davis do a workshop. He said' Unless you have independent means learn how to make cups, bowls and creamers and make them bloody fast!" Hey Harry I'm eating off  your plate tonight given to me by Robin" Grass" Hopper. It is a no nonsense plate and the pick of the litter in The Cactus Lounge.


Anonymous said…
Jack will always bear with you!

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