Lost in Translation

What an amazing show and dinner at Donn Zver’s Pottery and Café. The Koreans were all dressed in their finest. The boys warmed up by throwing about 10 boxes of clay into a few pots. They throw their clay almost brick hard. I really don’t know how they have maintained their bodies with clay that stiff.
Amazingly Jo Se-Yeon had read my complete book Stuck in the Mud. He translated it by hand into Korean to try and understand it. He said it was a very difficult read for him as he missed the meaning of many of the stories.  He also mentioned that he read my blog on Facebook but has a difficult time understanding me. They were all happy to congratulate me on my marriage. Guys, it was a joke!!! It was my marriage to clay and my life in clay.
Mr. Jo was interested in the meaning of my story “Romancing the Buzzards”. How do you explain that if you want to romance the buzzards you gotta play by their rules? You have to play dead doesn’t go over so well.
The evening became morning and everyone talked for hours sharing peace, love and understanding but not understanding a word each other said. Perhaps love and friendship don’t require words.

Mr. Jo said he wished he could understand more of what I wrote. My biggest regret is that our friendship can only reach a basic level. I’d love to talk love, life, music, art and pots with them.


Dennis Allen said…
Please tell Jo we all wish we could understand more of what you write.
Alizo Writero said…
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I think we are living in parallel worlds... we have three potters from Mungyeong, S. Korea staying with us right now. There have been lots of "lost in translations" moments.
ShellHawk said…
Would love to be there with you all!
Alizo Writero said…
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