Life's Muddy Road

 Followed life’s muddy road from Peter’s Valley back to Aylmer to find a Rat imposter at the traffic lights here in town. Ronnie the Rat is famous up here North of 49. The muddy road took me from my friend Bruce Dehnert in NJ to my friend and tireless editor Lois Wilkins in Pennsylvania and then on up to visit the Rat family( Ron and Hester) in NY.  We sat on the beach and watched a Lake Erie sunset for at least a half hour. It was one of those rare moments lately of breathing in.
 I filled up my tank at a gas station on a First Nation’s Reserve. Wow, I filled the car for under $20. That would be more like $50 here in The Promised Land where we pay for our sins. High prices on gas, booze and cigarettes. I am blessed to have so many friends south of the 48. Gee with the economy tanking in the UK and the US election looking rather scary all roads just may all lead to Canada.
I came home to a fustercluck of events that threw me off my mojo so I went for a run this morning and got eaten alive by deer flies. An itchy start to my enthusiasm for some porcelain to fire in Donovan’s wood kiln. At PV we had some lovely carbon trapping in the first chamber and some killer colour in the salt chamber.  I have a show in The Hamptons in August so I hope to get some nice wood salt porcelain outta the Minnesota kiln. Donovan fires longer than I do so I am pumped to see the results. Also with the past 7 weeks of rich living I have some pounds to sweat off.

Here is a couple of hours of throwing porcelain yunomi’s . I’m going to throw more this aft. I know how long it takes me to trim porcelain so tomorrow will be long buttttttttt it is Saturday and for the first time in months I will be at home alone to trim and listen to the Blues on a Saturday night. Life is good for those of us that know that life is good.


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