The Boys are in Town

The mind works in mysterious ways. The Koreans are coming so today for some unknown reason I threw some moon jars of a functional size for flowers. Flower gardens are my latest distraction.  Since everyone has vacated Dodge I'm trying to get back to my routine of morning exercise. I was pooped after a month of playing house and juggling a bunch of balls. The boys arrived tonight from Korea and they have been on my mind. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to make as I only had a couple of days before I take off for the welcome dinner at Donn Zver's Pottery and Cafe tomorrow night and then the conference in Toronto for the weekend.  Donn is one of the countries leading marketing minds and he will pull off a dinner extravaganza tomorrow night. He has Canadian and Korean flags on all the tables. There are dignitaries from the City and the Province in attendance as well as many of Ontario's foremost potters and collectors. I know Donn will have something up his sleeve- World War 1 biplanes flying overhead, the mayor's arrival in a horse and buggy, a display of firecrackers- something. There will be something!
 I know the guy and he is clever like a fox.


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