Almost bullet proof!

Most people put up with commercial clays that really are made to suit a wide variety of potters and not themselves and their needs. . Many years ago I developed my own clay bodies and with the help of Ron Roy he tweaked them to the formula I have used over a couple of decades.  My stoneware throws well. It has good colour in gas reduction, and wood firing. It has good green strength and an ability to be dried quickly. You can make big pots, small pots, one piece pots or multiple piece pots.  No covering, babying and singing Kumbuya for days waiting for the magic moment. Throw it, put it out in the sun, trim and handle it and put it back out in the sun. Then put it in the bisque kiln and fire it.
The above is almost all true except I made some multiple piece jars and didn’t put them out in the sun or dry them sufficiently. I blew up 3 of 5 and the remaining two had it’s  lid fall inside. It was too stingy a fit ,shrank and fell in. Help!!!! The one remaining nice one is at Shane Norrie Contemporary in Stratford, Ontario waiting for a good permanent home. I really liked the jar so here I am making 5 more. This time I will be more careful. Haste makes waste!

It would help if people knew what goes into making gallery quality one off work.


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