I look forward to Fred’s Picnic here in Mytown, Ontario, Canada every August. My buddy Don the Meat Man got me weekend passes for the entire show.  Fred Eaglesmith sings about rural southern Ontario, farmers, working people, loosing the family farm and stuff that touches the hearts of hard working people here in Mytown. Fred is the bearded dude!
On a bigger stage is the front man for the entire of Canada’s favourite rock and roll band- Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. Gord has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and they have been on a farewell tour of the country. No speeches, no final words of wisdom just Gord and his amazing poetry played out in his art form- music. Tomorrow night is The Hips final concert which will be played on CBC TV and live streamed. If you are south of 49 and have never heard or seen The Hip tune in Satuday night on CBC at  8:30 eastern standard time. It will be AMAZING as the entire nation of Canada says goodbye, Gord.
I’m going to have to leave Fred on stage and go home to The Cactus Lounge and live stream Gord.   Also part of the conflict is I know I am going to have tears streaming down my cheeks. I have them now. 
Be of courage Gord and thank you for 30 years of amazing music. 
Words from their song – Courage!
There's no simple explanation
For anything important any of us do
And yeah the human tragedy
Consists in the necessity
Of living with the consequences
Under pressure, under pressure
Courage, my word, it didn't come, it doesn't matter,
Courage, your word, it didn't come, it doesn't matter
Courage, my word, it didn't come, it doesn't matter
Courage, it couldn't come at a worse time.


Annied01 said…
I too have been choking up all week as we lead in to this final farewell with Gordon's great and generous gift of a farewell tour when he could easily have been spending precious moments with his family... This kind of courage makes me weepy... Makes me reflect as well on how the hip have been the soundtrack to most of our adult lives... A big part of it and a common love for D and I for all these years. One of the first shows we ever went to together and the first gift I ever gave him ... Bobcadgeon... Fiddlers green.. So many great songs and melodies... I think all of us will be watching tomorrow and riveted to the screens across this great country with an outpouring of love for this man whose very essence had always seemed complicated yet so authentic... ((Hugs)) ps we are driving into Kingston tomorrow to see an old friend who's in town for the weekend but just for the day, we want to watch the show in the intimacy of our living room ... With tissues handy ...

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