Going to the cottage?

I'm going to the cottage in The Hamptons at the end of the month to spend some time with my former student and friend Eve Behar. Yes Eve, is the sprog of standup comedian and former member of the The View- Joy Behar. I am guaranteed a couple of killer one liners to bring home with me.
I taught Eve at Sheridan College well over a decade ago. I am so pleased she is still in clay. Eve has had both me and Bruce Cochrane as her former teachers conduct workshops at the gallery. Nice to be remembered. Thanks Eve! I am looking forward hanging out with you and friends and family.
My show opens this week at the Celedon Gallery in Sag Harbour and I will be presenting a workshop there at the end of the month.  See ya at the cottage!


Bonnie said…
That is fantastic Tony! Have a great time. I lived in Sag Harbor in my early 20's and had the great pleasure of living and working with Val Telberg (and family). Great summer...hard to beat The Hamptons and especially Sag Harbor!
smartcat said…
Have a great time!
I'm betting that your relaxation will involve clay!
Just how long can you go without getting in the mud?

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