Another beautiful woman!

Is this not abstract expressionist clay? One night several years ago after a workshop at Hood College in Maryland my friend Joyce Michaud took me to the pottery of Mary Bowron. I had never heard of Mary. Hardly any wood firers I know knew of Mary. Well, holy shitzkie this was amazing! First of all her farm was right out a Civil war postcard. Surrounded by amazing stone fences, was this amazing stone house and a stone studio/ gallery with an actual old dumb waiter to bring the clay from the basement. No the dumb waiter was not our Dennis Allen. The anagama was the most beautiful kiln  and kiln shed I have ever seen with a room built on the end with a fully blown kitchen glassed in so that the crew could relax. Then the pots! I was going nuts trying to refrain from buying more and more. She literally had hundreds of these beautiful abstract expressionist shino decorated plates. They look wonderful with food.  I also bought this little vase. It looked like she trimmed it with a large knife. So direct and so quiet.
We then went to her kitchen to chat. As I remember she was so beautiful and probably late 70's then. She completely lived her art and was surrounded by pots and paintings. I was told she had the anagama loaded last year but couldn't get crew to help fire. Rumour has it she was tough to work with. Now rumour has it she is not well and the farm is for sale. It would be worth millions. If I won the lottery that would be my wish. That ain't going to happen since I never buy tickets on the lottery since I heard buying lottery tickets is a tax on the stupid. Every time I go to buy one I feel even stupider.


Norwob said…

My very own astonishing mother.

Finding this is like seeing her again for a moment.

Thank you!

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