Yet another passion

Ever since Grass Hopper gave me his travelling quiver of brushes for decorating I have developed a yet another passion for interesting brushes. I picked this hakeme brush up at Peter's Vallery, NJ for $35US which translated into Cdn dollars and conversion was just shy of 50 bob.
I really had no intention of bringing it home and using it for hakeme although it did prompt me to do some hakeme cups. I used my corn broom and cut off some whisks and taped them together with electrical tape. I can still use the whisk and I have the potential for many more hakeme brushes of different widths.
It begs the question- at what price point does something cease to be functional? I know it depends on how deep your pockets are.  Should you make functional ware or decorative ware?  Plates that stack neatly in the cupboard or plates that hang on the wall and can be taken down for use.

When in Jingdezhen the functional brushes were cheap, cheap, cheap. The brushes made out of water buffalo horns were expensive and destined for wall decoration. I bought several as gifts for friends.  Check out my Troy Bungart brush with the wood fired final. Do you really think I'm going to dip that beauty in slip?  The brushes made from shot gun shells I bought from some students pedalling them on the sidewalk at NCECA.


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