I'm not in the Obits

I haven't written in awhile. I checked the obits this morning and I wasn't in them. Not sure if many of you realize what workshops and shows take out of a person. It takes time to find your mojo again. In the best of ways it sends you home full of new ideas of things you want to make. I have gone to the birds.
One of my favourite pieces of art is a bird house I bought many years ago in I think The Blue Star in Asheville, NC. It was made by a Georgia folk artist. It is sculpture really. I was blown away a few years ago when at Ronnie the Rats we went to visit a local Georgia potter Nancy Green. Nancy had one of the most tasteful houses I have ever been in. There in her living room were 3 or 4 of the bird houses by the same dude. She had them on the wall and a couple mounted on steel pipes mounted on the hardwood floor.  It took a big room to give these pieces some breathing room. So if this is my favourite piece of art and I love recycled wood furniture then this is my terms of reference right now. Each bird house is a entire box of clay so they ain't child's play. I have holes in the back should they be wall mounted and a hole in the bottom to be mounted on a pipe pedestal should that be the choice. It has been a nice time doing something out of my comfort zone. I have dry ash glazes in mind.


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