Porcelain Free Zone!

I’ve been collecting pots for almost all of my life. Strangely I have purchased very few pieces of porcelain. I bought this ewer of Bruce Dehnert’s with wet silica sand wedged into the porcelain to give it a bit of nastiness. I like that it doesn’t feel smooth like porcelain.  I did buy some porcelain pieces in Korea last year but I prefer the stoneware pieces I have of Yong Chul and Song Tae Kim.
 Whoever said glaze looks better on porcelain needs more education. It is simply not true! This is not an original thought. I believe it is the wisdom of my favourite potter philosopher Michael Cardew.
If I were to buy a piece of porcelain it would be by Canada’s best kept secret Kayo Young. I’ve come close several times.  Saw some pots of Kayo’s at Shane Norrie Contemporary yesterday. What an awesome gallery! Same several pieces I would buy and that is unusual for me.

I collect jugs! I should buy this jug of Kayo’s. It is $250 because it is a jug and a jug is considered a kitchen item so it is cheaper. A smaller vase of his is $400 because it is living room décor and not destined for the kitchen. Take a vase form pull a lip and put a handle on it and then knock off 30-40% of the retail value.
Oh you can use a jug to hold flowers and look absolutely beautiful in your living room. Reallly, who woulda thunk it?

Elizabeth at the gallery was showing a client a computer program where the client sends a pic of their living room  and she can add pics of paintings and pieces to  show them how they will look. I buy a piece because I like it and then take it home and find a nice spot for it. Good art does not have to match the sofa.  In fact my preference is when it swears at it.


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