Stepping up to the plate!

I’m thinking about the end of summer. I shouldn’t wish it away since we only have two month’s summer and 10 months bad skating here in Canada. Actually I love all the seasons except summer- too hot and humid for this cowboy. I will miss my beautiful Rose of Sharon and the lovely leaves on the Japanese maple so I paid tribute to them today with some big bowls. What’s the difference between a bowl and a plate? The way I throw these bowls they start off looking like a plate but the rims move up in the drying. I once told a group that clay has a memory. I made a jug and cut it in half to show the cross section. I then rewedged the clay and declared I would make a bowl. One student said “ If clay has a memory won’t it become a jug again? I made another jug so that she would continue to believe everything I told her.
The smaller plates I will cut into squares and ovoid shapes.

What I find interesting about the leaf resist and this copper  slip is that the copper red will appear where the slip isn’t. It migrates under the shino glaze and pops up on the slip free image. Don’t ask me why. That is a question for the glaze geeks.


Anonymous said…
Love these Tony!

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