Penis Envy

My studio is right below where I am sleeping. I made some rolls with 3 different kinds of handles. I threw the strap handle on the front and the penis handle at the back. The handle for the lid was pulled.
These cooking pots were inspired by some flameware fry pans I brought home from Clay Coyote in MN. Thanx Tom Wirt.
As I was drifting off to sleep I am certain I heard the boys downstairs talking. Mine is longer than yours. Ya well mine is wider. Oh yeah well mine stands up straighter. Have ya seen the nice handy curve mine has to it? The boys were having a pissing contest. I’m just hoping they are all standing proud when the heat is on at Cone 11. We’ll see who is the last man standing.

In the background is a project I have on for my garden. I am making a bird bath. Colleen Riley made these totems which inspired me to make a bird bath for the cardinals that keep flirting by my front window. I will stick a 1” pipe in the ground over which will slide the base, the forms and then on top the bird bath. My neighbour is building a monster house. I won’t have the most expensive house on the block but my aim is to have the most interesting house. Hey mine is bigger. Ya it’s more expensive too! Ya well mine is smaller but far more interesting. It’s not the size of the ship. It’s the motion in the ocean.


Anonymous said…
I race sailboats. The funniest conversation I ever heard was a bunch of guys standing on the dock talking about their tools. Every sailor carries a mutli-tool. Who's is the biggest, can do the most useful stuff, hangs the best (on their belt). About fell in the water laughing!

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