Bloggers take a bow

First of all a tip of the fedora to Carol Epp my fellow Canuck for taking the Gold Medal in Pottery Blogs for 2016. Well deserved Carol as you are an amazing resource for potters looking for jobs, residencies, juried shows etc, etc. There is something for everyone in your blog and you must spend an enormous amount of time preparing it.
And for the rest of my fellow bloggers take a bow for your efforts. Here is a list of the top ten pottery blogs and the Honourable Mentions.
I am pleased to once again be in the fine company of some awesome blogs. We have all listened to Paul Blais Potter's Podcast and to be tied with him for #5 is indeed an honour.  If Michelle Hastings would just print Jeff's BBQ recipe she would move up to at least the Silver Medal.
Next week I hope to be in the fine company of my Georgia blogger pal Carter Gillies who I still think is North America's 21st century Micheal Cardew. A greater mind I do not know of.
For 2017 I promise you I will make you think. I will piss you off. I will make you laugh.  I will give ya some tips.  I will make you wonder!  My vow is that I will write what I feel is the truth on that given day. Tomorrow who knows????
Man's Prayer
I am a man
I can change
If I have to
I suppose (sigh)
author- Red Green aka Steve Smith


Anonymous said…
Congratulations to all in this fine company!
smartcat said…
Way to go!
On to bigger and better blogging!

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