Speak, damn you! Talk to me!

I have just about had enough of Jack’s indifference. He just sits there wide eyed in his chair and lets me cook and pour drinks for him. Come to think of it I’m the one out there hustling to pay
 the bills.  He knows how Christmas has become so important to me and yet he showed such lack of care and concern I didn’t get as much as a card. I knew how much he liked his bacon and ribs so I was sure to get him a new ball cap from Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy’s meat packing plant- Springwater Packers.
I have decided for 2017 I am going to try to communicate creatively with nature, the animal kingdom, the spirit world and complicated beings like Jack. Communication has to be a two- way street. Jack can’t just sit there day after day with those stoned glassy eyes of his. He has to talk to me.
Indifference is the cruelest form of communication. It is worse than Chinese water torture to a social person like me. Silence is the strongest form of reaction to you and your work. I’d rather hear that looks like shit or I hate that handle than to hear absolutely nothing. Of course giving uninvited critique is certainly not warranted.  Jack and I have been together for awhile now so I would hope that here in The Cactus Lounge we can have dialogue with each other in a respectful way. Treat me in a significant way as I do you.

I’m taking him to a huge antique mall today. If he doesn’t say a word on the trip he may find his sorry ass on the highway trying to find a way home. How’s that for improved communication?


smartcat said…
Jack is around to keep keep you on your toes!

Keep up the good work, Jack! Be the pebble in Tony's shoe!

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