Go Fund Me- Artist’s Retirement Home

A long time friend of mine who is a mover and a shaker in the arts community is looking to create a place for a bunch of us working artists to live and share in our sunset years. She has her eye on a beautiful mansion on Canada’s Mississippi River near Almonte, Ontario. One only needs to review her history to see that when she sets her mind to do something, it happens.
She and her man will live in the mansion and here is a vision of where the rest of us will be able to afford to live. I’m not too sure about all those stairs knowing our Nation’s snowy, icey winters.  The penthouse apartment will have a fantastic view of the river and lovely Ottawa valley. As you can see the property has a pool and a greenhouse. With our collective skills we can build pizza ovens, saunas and mini putts.
The orange cargo shed is the co-op clay studio and the Trashagama will be built out of clay lined car fenders at the back of the property. Donovan Palmquist is not getting any younger so I figure he will build the Trashagama for shares in the sexy orange and white condo I have my eye on.
There are exciting times ahead for us senior artists that have spent a life time in the trenches. Luxury is just over the horizon. Put your heads down, keep working and saving


I love the mid century modern condos. Wouldn't mind joining in. Donovan's a good cook too!
Richard Carroll said…
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