Doing Crack!

If you have been wondering where I have been since proposing the Artist’s Trailer Park I’ve been doing crack. Man when it gets a hold of ya it really takes away your life. This series of pots took me the better part of 3 days glazing since each pot has 2 slips crackle slip and 5 different shinos and a pretty coloured liner, plus brushwork on them. Is this a sure sign that I have spent too much time in the company of Jack, Scratch, Itch and the rest of the gang.
I have never liked big bare bottoms so with the coffee jars I glazed the bottoms, did some brushwork and fired them on sea shells which were ground off post firing.  I like adding a surprise on the bottom of pots since potters always look at the bottoms first.
I find I am adding more and more to create a complex surface. The pot is the person, no disguise is possible. I guess I am a complex man. Whodda thunk it?
I knew I shouldn’t have inhaled that gate way drug marijuana back in college. It is has lead me to the hard stuff- crack. The worst part of this is I like it so much I can’t wait to try it again. Since time is money and I got more time than money this is going to be an expensive habit.

In a weeks time I head out to Georgia to fire the Ratagama. Another thing I can’t wait to do. So much candy in this world for me to taste. 


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