Why we do what we do??

For Ratie's birthday his buddy Chuck Hindes gave him this book filled with drawings of pots and kilns and all sorts of neat sayings and pictures from magazines to make collages in the book.. I love Chuck's line drawings of pots. With such a few strokes of the pen he makes a pot. He buys foreign language books to use as his canvas for this pottery narrative he presents to friends.  It thrills me that some people just have to do art and see art in all kinds of ways. It's inspiring to me.

We are loosing the art of writing personal letters to friends. I am always so thrilled to receive a postcard or a letter from someone and most especially when it is so personalized.
We visited the home and pottery of Nancy Green the other day and I found myself admiring a little Oribe inspired teapot. Yes, it was a Chuck Hindes teapot that he hand builds using the sawed off end of a pool cue to further round the block of clay.  Chuck's pots are an acquired taste but one that seems to fit my taste buds. Low and behold when we came back to Ratie's there was one of teapots on a shelf outside. Chuck told me to take it. I am thrilled to add it to my teapot collection. I'll put it beside Ron's. The one I always show the students and tell them Ron shot the holes in the teapot with a shotgun.


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